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It is scandalous,” Nature Conservation Council campaigns director Dr Bradley Smith told In a deal that is now infamous throughout the energy sector, the NSW Government sold off the rights to operate the 1,320MW coal-fired Vales Point power station to Sunset Power, a consortium led by businessmen Trevor St Baker and Brian Flannery for just $1 million. It estimated that by 2029, deaths would total 547, low birth weight babies would total 475 and there would be 709 cases of type 2 diabetes. “The dangerous levels of air pollution at Vales Point highlights the urgent need to swiftly replace our coal-burning power stations with clean energy sources like wind and solar and in the meantime, to protect communities with pollution controls which are based on expert medical advice.”, The power stations has recorded increasingly high levels of dangerous fine particle pollution. The ageing Vales Point coal-fired power station on the New South Wales Central Coast, due to close in 2029, was given a stay of execution in the federal budget. “Coal mining companies alone will receive more than $1.2 billion a year in diesel fuel subsidies over the forward estimates,” Ms O’Shanassy said.

In February, Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised Liberal party donor and part owner Trevor St Baker that an $11 million grant would be going his way to make upgrades. This will generate 170MW of dispatchable energy, costing just $220,000 per MW. The upgrades are expected to reduce emissions by around 1.05 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, calculated from the time of the upgrade to the plant’s planned closure date, at a better price than $8.25 per tonne. “The gas industry is the big winner with $52.8 million allocated to accelerating gas projects, continuing gas research and re-establishing the east coast gas market,” ACF chief executive officer Kelly O’Shanassy said. understands the government will provide a grant of up to $8.7 million for the upgrade, which includes a turbine upgrade and an upgrade to the plant’s high pressure heaters. “That’s a matter for the government and Minister’s office,” the spokesman said.

Taxpayers will be funding upgrades to Delta Electricity’s Vales Point Power Station on the NSW Central Coast, which was found to have increased its dangerous fine particle pollution by 3000 per cent over the past six years and 181 per cent last year, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. “Even from a rational economic point of view this is not a wise investment for the federal government, as coal-fired power will soon be uninsurable and the public will need to indemnify stations against inevitable climate risk.

“Importantly, the upgrades will also reduce emissions by more than 1 million tonnes.”. The proposal … 24-hour baseload electricity. “Basically, the government is using taxpayers’ money to pay for work that will allow a private company to pollute for longer.

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