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3. Well, unlike many news organisations, we have no sponsors, no corporate or ideological interests. I love getting off here because I can literally explore the city from here. The fare is fairly cheap and convenient. QVB, fine, George St, fine, Cathedral, fine, but the others meant little or nothing to me.

1. North: 5 metres beyond the end of the tunnel portals on each station level.South: 5 metres beyond the end of tunnel portals on each station level.East: The structural extent of the underground property.West: The structural extent of the underground property.Note: does not include modern retail areas. Parts of this listing also fall within the SHR listing boundaries for Sydney Town Hall (SHR #01452) and St Andrew's Anglican Cathedral & Chapter House (SHR #01708). Significance Assessment - Town Hall Timber Escalators Nos 1 & 2 and Wynyard Escalators Nos 1, 2, 3 &4. This is the station to get off for the shopping district as most of the shopping malls are located in the vicinity. It's hard to really say that much about a train Station.

I was last in there on the day of the memorial service for Gough Whitlam. The machine failed to work. It's really pretty dire and terrible for elderly and less mobile passengers. reserves and protected areas, Climate In addition to its close proximity to these shopping malls, the station itself is actually connected to several of them. I fully expect someone to end up on the train tracks one of these days because this place is not designed for the numbers of people attempting to get on and off these trains.Avoid if you can. I'm not in the city all that often, so I rely on the signage to help me find the right exit at Town Hall. policies, Commercial Discover there's more to the square at Town Hall Square Shopping Centre located at 464-480 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000. pollution, Air and heritage of NSW. It's an easy stroll to Darling Harbour and Hyde Park, and is connected to Queen Victoria Building and Galeries as well as smaller shopping areas.It's really stuffy, though. At least there are bins in greater evidence than they used to be. They said the evacuation lasted just three minutes, adding that no disruptions or commuter delays are expected as a result of the incident. The subterraneon Town Hall Station. Maintenance and repair: Undertake annual inspections and proactive routine maintenance works to conserve heritage fabric in accordance with the ‘Minimum Standards of Maintenance & Repair’. Trains come in, people shuffle around, train leave - it's happening all around. research licences, Protected forecast, Air Economy-Developing local, regional and national economies, Transport-Activities associated with the moving of people and goods from one place to another, and systems for the provision of such movements, 4. That's great, except that they aren't all that helpful! Mind you, its an uncomfortable place to spend 5 minutes waiting for a train. a national park, Types While there are lifts from the platforms up to the concourse, I don't think there are any to street level unless you go via the Town Hall Arcade or the QVB. Oh, and pretty much every train passes through here as well, and it is quite close to a number of attractions as well. Town Hall is a staple in almost everyone's daily transport diet. monitoring and records, Native

I miss using my Opal card already. This iconic landmark was first opened in 1932 and is a significant part of the city’s infrastructure, as it is part of the larger underground railway design. Town Hall Station provides evidence of a period of developing railway technology and design in Australia. For more information about public transport, please visit transport nsw dot info or call 1 3 1 5 0 0

Especially , during business hours I feel not safe enough.So I prefer getting off the trains at Martin Place which is next to Town Hall. They're completely out-of-sight when the platform is crowded. The only thing about this station is it's always heavily crowded and it gets worst during peak hours, but it's nothing compared to traffic in the states so it wasn't too bad actually.

QVB is accessible from station to so you don't need to worry about crossing any roads to access.

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