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Granted, the Predator films have frequently changed their casts and we'd be amazed to see Black or any of The Predator's cast return for a sequel.
Really? The yautja deserve better.”, That’s asking too much from them. That expansion, underscored by the classic Predators delivering new technology to humanity in an effort to save them from the new threat, teases a potential team-up between Earth and the classic Predators against the ultimate, evolved offshoot of the hunters. Don’t hold your breath for Black’s script (co-written with Fred Dekker) to undercut that line with a more believable rationale, because you’ll asphyxiate and die before the scene where Bracket survives a run-in with a Predator by getting completely naked on the floor of a shower. On this page, you can find news and rumours of the potential Predator sequel. But Black doesn’t want to get ahead of himself. Prior to Predators been made, there are about three scripts for Predator 3 circulating around the globe. In my opinion, the Predator franchise, is Arnold’s franchise, and he needs to return before it’s too late. Predators was the closest we ever had to a real good glimpse of that experience. But this miserable chimera — skinned with Black’s wicked sense of humor, but too underdeveloped to survive on its wits alone — should never have been let out of the lab, as it poses a serious threat of boring people to death. It was the original bad guy who they turned into the good guy and cut the two soldier scientist predators and created a behemoth predator just for shits and giggles. Here are the cast I would like for the predator 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Danny Glover Adam driver Jason statham Kevin hart for comedy people say we should replace Arnold Schwarzenegger with John cena or the rock because he’s to old he’s fine he still does terminator and terminator was before predator also chuck norris for all that speed. I hope they get another chance to make a sequel and hopefully reuse old material lost to us. Maybe not, not after the poor financial performance of that film. Apparently, these killer space invaders are injecting themselves with the strongest DNA they can find as part of a ruthless bid to keep getting stronger and conquer new worlds. Aliens vs. Hoping that they decide to do one of these movies and if I had to pick I would do the one with Quinn. ‘The Predator’ Review: Shane Black’s Sequel Is a Mad Science Experiment That Shouldn’t Have Been Let Out of the Lab — TIFF

keep this an action movie. Starring: Unknown… With the revelation the aliens have been harvesting the DNA of worthy opponents to upgrade themselves through gene splicing comes the realization that, with the planet threatened by climate change, the more frequent visits are due to the Predators seeking to harvest as much genetic material as they can before humanity wipes itself out. Well, DJ could probably pull it off, but Cena is a flat out JOKE.
The second script, written by Robert Rodriguez, is called Predators and is set on a 17th century ship where a Predator stalks the crewman who have to fight with inferior weaponry. Alfie Allen is British. There was book series of a female that was brought up by Predators. RELATED: Does The Predator Have a Post-Credits Scene? Predator killer suits and other crap like this has no place. I won’t be paying to see any movie from Shane Black’s direction again, I don’t even want him involved. These were well thought out adult oriented movies and now they are being made by people with no respect for what came before. They are just quick to interject their shitty ideas that make no sense to the already established tone.

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