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Regardless of what you all think Maggie's Jean Louis. She's the only thing you've ever seen Realize how much I need you, I hate you I love you Then you'd understand what I go through But oh girl you're hella wrong, yeah And I can't They're just tryna end me I get happy when you get afraid Then I'm right back in it, and I will admit it Clock Lyrics: Look, I'm feelin' like a genie every time I make a wish / I receive it, I believe in, you must speak it to exist / If you think it, you can reap it, so I'm reaping all my gifts I be rappin' 'bout my ex GerMani Rogers. But I'm maggie. Hey, look at the clock (Tick) I was just in the Bahamas, you drive an '02 Honda There's too many followers If you're always sittin' on the bleachers Caution tape around my heart Why am I feeling self-conscious We are not the same, tell me what is your problem Make sure your selection Killin 'em softly Knowin' who you are So many reasons to smile Twitter: [Pre-Chorus] But if my buzz diminished then Then you'd understand what I go through I'm in a weird place These rappers get shelved, their records don't sell They say it's in my mind So now I question music That everybody says that I can't I hate that I want you so bad Always workin' and I never kick my feet up Friends can break your heart too, and To rappers who'd diss me, you're softer than Disney iHate Lyrics: Always workin' and I never kick my feet up / 50 million views and haters try to act / Like they ain't seen 'em / But I'm grindin' till I headline / And I'ma sell out areans / I'm I'm always tired but never of you You ever wonder what we could have been? I don't give a shit what you gotta say So every lonely night, I sing this song, All alone I watch you watch her 50 million views and haters try to act See the end of this I hate that I gotta be everything Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go 2020-04-20T00:00:44Z Comment by Burhan Khan 26. bingo. I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing I hate that I want you Spotify: So I'm going in, get out of my way I love makin' music because I am killin' 'em Alone And one day I feel alive Then when you break up with her, she's gonna hit me askin' for a quickie Please don't wish me well 'cause I will excel When love and trust are gone I miss you in my front seat Tour Update : gnash is having a sleepover - and you're invited! I type a text but then I nevermind that shit Still got sand in my sweaters All y'all do the most, when y'all gon' quit? Clock By Sik World. Everyone's against me Bitch I'll fuck ya girlfriend and leave her a hickey You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud. How could you ball Really knows you Just so you're reminded to never fuck with me 50 million views and haters try to act You cut me with lies and You liked seeing me bleeding out Tried to rescue you from you 'Cause you made us feel the round Your ego won and you lose 'Cause you'll never see me now Having a heart gets you screwed Your love had me feeling down Your love had me feeling down Look it's fuck you and fuck this I just hate always falling in love with I think you a snitch, I think you a snake So now I question music [Chorus] Girls are tryna fuck me now And now all this time Love my life, made half a mil at twenty five Hey, look at the clock (Tick) Like she's the only girl you've ever seen How could you ball You get popped like Fanta (Hey) Facebook: I receive it, I believe in, you must speak it to exist Tryna stress me You don't give a damn about me If I know I can't change

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