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Kerr is roided out of his fucking mind here. Oh, wait, I got that wrong. Takedown from Shoji and he dumps Mott down and takes full mount. Action gets a bit slow before Sakuraba shoots in and plants White on his back under side mount again.

Sakuraba stands over him for a second and then grabs a foot to attempt a possible heel hook, but gives up on it right away to go back to side mount. For fucking hours on end. Sano just sucked terribly and did basically nothing outside of the odd reversal, while Royler took waaaay too long and played with his food like a kid trying to avoid eating vegetables or something. Well, that’s half an hour of my life that I’ll never get back. Total pro-wrestling. Reversal from Sano suddenly puts him back into top position, but it’s Royler who lands punches from the bottom as Sano just fucking kneels there. Sakuraba grabs the right ankle to pull him over, but the bell sounds there. Fun enough, no complaints from me here as they actually came out and fought! Then back to side mount. Sano finally tries some sort of reversal and almost gets to guard, but Royler passes right away and gets back to side mount. Looks like Sakuraba’s setting up for an armbar as his legs are really high on White’s chest. Next time someone says like, Ben Askren is boring, show them a fight like this.

And this goes on FOREVER until Kikuta somehow slips into half-guard and then decides to stand over him. Sakuraba avoids though and gets back on top in guard. Cikatic was penalized for illegal elbows, grabbing the ropes and striking Kerr in the back of the head. Super-long fight but I actually enjoyed it a ton as it was great to see really early Sakuraba before he was ruined by fighting giant guys, and yeah, he showed absolutely tremendous skills that were way ahead of his time more than anything, with a super-fast shot, incredible grappling skills and total serenity whenever he was put into a bad position.

He looks to be setting up a possible submission, and then steps over to full mount, but the round ends there. Wild stuff. Sick sweep follows and Royler is on top in Sano’s half-guard. Couple of hammer fists land for White but he still doesn’t bother with the hooks. Fight begins and Royler circles while Sano stretches out like he’s prepping to do some bench presses.

No clue on rounds or timing. Man, how Quadros and Bas sat through these shows without losing the will to live I do not know. Upkick lands for Royler and finally pops the crowd. They break off but it’s only brief as Renzo clinches again and we’re back to Kikuta defending trips.

Round One ends there. White put up a good fight too and it made for a great technical grappling match.

White regains guard but Sakuraba immediately spins into half-guard. Renzo gets back to full guard and we slow down to a crawl as they lay in the guard for AGES.
Couple of sweep attempts are also avoided. Today, with support from individuals, businesses, the city of Baltimore, and the state of Maryland, Pride of Baltimore II sails around the U.S. and overseas to share the rich maritime history of Baltimore and to promote Maryland’s vibrant economic development opportunities. Fifth round and Kikuta bulls into the clinch and we start just like the other rounds. He gets his head free to allow him to LAY THERE DOING NOTHING. Sakuraba then goes for what would become his trademark move – the kimura – and drops and rolls for it. Goodridge’s previous fight had seen him KO Oleg Taktarov in absolutely criminal fashion; one of the most horrific knockouts I’ve ever seen, while Ruas was making his Japanese debut after winning the UFC 7 tournament and then beating up some other early UFC veterans (Steve Jennum, Pat Smith) elsewhere. Trip takedown from Kikuta and he actually lands a punch, stunning Quadros. Neptune's Pride is not like any other 4x strategy game because its streamlined mechanics allow players to focus on high level strategic decisions and diplomacy. Sano lifts him up though and shakes him off and we’re back to standing. Ruas circles as Goodridge stalks forward, then corners Ruas with some punches, but as he rushes in his leg buckles and he slips, allowing Ruas to land a right hand and force him into the ropes.

Into side mount for Sakuraba and Vernon rolls and gives his back, and Sakuraba looks to attack the arm again. He gives it up for some reason though to drop some knees to the body from a front facelock. 1240 Key Highway • Baltimore, MD 21230 • 410.539.1151 • [email protected]© Pride of Baltimore, Inc. All rights reserved. Which goes on for the WHOLE TEN MINUTE ROUND. I think the shots of Rickson at ringside might be more exciting than this fight. Audience are furious. Hopefully PRIDE 3 will be better but I’m not exactly getting my hopes up. Next! Into side mount for Sakuraba and he appears to be prepping for a kneebar, but he gives that up to look for another armbar. Big left hand from White rocks Sakuraba badly, but he manages to drop for a single leg and gets White onto the ground. -Kickboxing match between Ralph White and William van Roosmalen follows. He passes into half-guard as Bas tells us this has been going now for almost 30 minutes, causing me to shudder. They pull him off and restart and Kerr looks fucking FUMING. I don’t think I ever want to watch another non-Rickson Gracie vs. a non-Sakuraba Japanese fighter EVER AGAIN. But it’s actually UNLIMITED ROUNDS. She was built to continue the mission of her predecessor, Pride of Baltimore, tragically lost in a storm in the Atlantic Ocean in May 1986. Announcers are now openly complaining about the fight as Royler’s not doing anything from the top and Sano isn’t doing anything from the bottom either. Takedown from Renzo into Kikuta’s guard. PRIDE 2. Takedown attempt from Ruas but Goodridge stuffs it and hits him with a knee to the body to break off.

We all know about Renzo of course and he was coming off his draw with Akira Shoji on the first PRIDE show here. White stands and throws a big kick that Sakuraba ducks under, and seconds later he’s on his back again courtesy of a beautiful takedown to side mount.
This sucks. Quick pass to full mount follows and methinks Sano might be in trouble. Hard body kicks are blocked by both men. White grimaces and tries to pull his arm free but this looks deep. Another reversal from White though sees him take the back again. But unfortunately it’s pretty much all he does as we’re back to laying in the guard. Couple of strikes land for Royler now though at least. Sano tries to stand but Royler pulls him right into a butterfly guard using double underhooks. Full mount unsurprisingly follows and we’re right back to square one.

Sakuraba almost twists it up, but White pops free and explodes to his feet. They restart standing and maybe that was the ref’s idea? Bas says he’s speechless but what the fuck would there be to say? Reversal from Sakuraba and he pretty much crawls his way into a takedown attempt, but White prevents it with almost a neck crank attempt with the head trapped down and both hands locked around Saku’s arms. Fight slows down again though as Rickson at ringside looks more intense than either guy in the ring. The announcers are the best part of this fight as they’re just openly ragging on Kikuta’s gameplan, or lack of one.

Kimura set-up from Sakuraba but White grabs his own hands together to defend. Finally Kikuta decides to stand free of the guard, leaving Renzo in the butt-scoot position. It’s knee-on-belly for Royler now but we’re still no closer to a submission. Holy fuck this guy is dirty. They begin…and yet Bas is commentating? Into side mount for Sakuraba and he waits for a moment before stepping over to full mount. Arm triangle choke is right there but Royler doesn’t seem to want to commit to it. Support Pride! Sakuraba’s cauliflower ears are pretty epic even here. Fight begins and Goodridge swings some heavy leather that Ruas manages to avoid. Sano tries to pull out, but Gracie keeps hold of him as Quadros calls Takada the Hulk Hogan of Japan. 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,384 ratings. Quadros mentions that the fight would be far better if it didn’t have these unlimited rounds. Sano again goes for the collar-and-elbow tie-up and again Gracie pulls guard. He stands over the guard of Vernon and looks to pass, getting into half-guard.

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