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This Hero Wars tier list showcases the best heroes and the worst heroes. Whether it's preventing future crime a la Minority Report or knowing whether or not your new relationship is doomed, precognitive abilities will always give you a leg-up on every situation. If you choose to upgrade your Super Monkey via the top path (5/x/x) (eventually ending with True Sun God), while Adora is in range, she will evolve into a stronger version, gaining bonus damage and pierce. Benjamin may seem great at first glance and it is true that he pays for himself fairly quickly. Quite a useful power to have around. It's useful, of course, but again, only with the set of skills necessary to implement it effectively. Notable Users: Gladiator, Dante (Devil May Cry). Notable Users: Singed the Mad Chemist (League of Legends), Poison Ivy. He’s been able to achieve orbital escape velocity from Earth which is a dizzying speed of five miles a second. 10 Shows To Watch If You Like Hawaii Five-0, 10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Love The Amityville Horror, Batman: 5 Things The Movies Get Wrong (& 5 Things They Get Right). So two powers for the price of one! It was weird, but the power is awesome. Check out his skills: –, Helios is another mage hero in Hero Wars.

If they touch water, they can slip away and out of a fight almost unseen. Ando artificially gained the power to amplify other super human's powers and project a bolt of red electricity. She was accidentally thrown into a Kree Psyche-Magnitron which altered her genetic structure and transformed her into a superhuman. In your opinion, which characters in Heroes have the best, and which have the worst powers? Body manipulation takes on a lot of forms, but in this case, we are just talking about the ability to alter the size or length of a body part. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our websiteGot it!

Who hasn't wished they could breathe underwater? Lord of the Storm – puts a Mark of Water to enemies. For the most powerful superheroes in the world -- such as The Hulk and Superman in his earliest forms -- super strength can even propel a hero across miles even when they can't fly. If you use Kai with K’arkh, then it’s A+. The evolving incarnations of the Iron Man suit all sport sophisticated and devastating weapons arsenals, and they all can let their pilot fly like a jet fighter. Light manipulation doesn't sound all that impressive at first, but when you think about its implications, it's actually one of the coolest powers. Power: The ability to conjure Satan and his skills. Power: The ability to control Earth elements like dirt and rocks.

(50), Increases attack speed of all towers by 25% in its radius for five rounds.

She also has two powerful AoE attacks; one that lays down on the path and absolutely decimates Bloons that walk through it, and another which is a. firestorm. One of the most powerful telepaths in the world, Xavier can use his powers to read minds, but his most powerful ability is altering or erasing someone's memories, or simply making them do what he desires. The real cool factor comes when you realize that there would be no situation that you couldn’t handle. Tony Stark may not be a physically astounding super human, but his incredible mind has fashioned a flying machine to rival gods and aliens. In Man of Steel, Superman could only smile as he first experienced the exhilaration of flight. Both have proven to be incredibly powerful, although it all depends on who is writing them. Submit Here, nebula is definitely a a teir. The Wasp Suit designed by the prodigious physicist Hank Pym operated on his discovery of “Pym Particles” and let the suit shrink to insectoid sizes but still wield powerful physical forces.

Laser vision is a superpower that allows someone to shoot lasers from their eyes at an opponent, a wall, or just about anything else... but you probably figured that out. What makes his eye-beam unique is that it produces concussive force, which knocks enemies back instead of, say, burning holes in them like Superman's heat vision would.

Power: The ability to manipulate plant life. I recommend K’arkh/Celeste/Maya/Jorgen/Astaroth, Thants fine just remember to level up damage dealins specials or the team with be trash, Astaroth + Orion + Keira + Jorgen + Martha is OP. Storm comes closest, as she can control the weather and atmosphere to an almost limitless degree, and is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe. If you're into extreme sports, a healing factor might be something to consider. At the true basis of the power, it allows the user to make themselves and possibly other things invisible to the naked eye. Who wouldn't want to zap themselves between locations with a mere thought? Isaac's power was far from the worst and frankly, was pretty cool.

Whether you use it to draw funny faces on your worst enemy or strategize the winning moves in an intense battle, a good time freeze can buy you some much needed time whenever you need it most. While plenty of Kryptonians in Earth’s Solar System have their powers enhanced by the yellow sun, Superman has dedicated his life to honing his powers so that he may better protect the innocent. With invulnerability, you are immune to all manner of harm from gunfire to energy blasts to needles at the doctor's office.

: What Were the Big Advancements of This Console Generation? X-Men: The Last Stand tried to make the power look cool when Kitty beat Juggernaut by phasing through walls and making him look dumb before he knocked himself out.

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