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How to obtain: Very easy if you use his sniper a lot. Releasing on June 16th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Desperados 3 is a rock-hard RTS that promotes patience and taking things one step at a time. – The Devil Is In The Details McCoy has all his gear, Hector has everything except Bianca, Kate has all her gear, and Cooper has everything except for his knife. You can also pick up the dead enemy and Hector will automatically pick up Bianca.

The best place to farm these is the Baron Challenge #4, where you have to kill over 100 enemies, which you can hide, making it extremely fast to get.

– Hazards of the Trade

What I liked to do was to use the central building, the one where the little train station is and use this to start sniping people with both McCoy and Cooper. Do not attempt to take the patient to the Dentist until you have an enemy cleared pathway to the Dentist’s location. Use Showdown mode to target the enemies your Cooper to kill or injury in the case of a Long Coat. How to obtain: Simply complete all 5 of Baron's Challenges. After she gets the guards attention and lures them, the guards viewcones will turn purple and hearts will appear above their heads. How to obtain: This trophy is story-based, so as long as you play through the game you'll get this one in time. Enemies go down in 1 shot and you can sometimes shoot through several with a single bullet, except for the Long Coats obviously, who still take 3 shots. Kaboom!Kill 5 guards at once with dynamite.Mission 2 and Mission 13 that have dynamite in them that you can throw and have it explode. Go up the long ladder, defeat the enemy and then jump down into the cart of hay., Press J to jump to the feed. I normally avoid killing civilians, so early on, I knocked out the old lady by the cow using a thrown corpse and then tossed her down a well (my gosh is that a morbid sentence). Again, if the timing is great then the 3 enemies patrolling the area to the northeast near the canyon will also head and come running, making it extremely easy to kill 3 more people with a single shot. If you were to kill all enemies in every Mission, you would automatically earn this trophy. You can press right on the Dpad to check how many of the 135 guards you have eliminated at any time. Once they are together you want to abuse McCoy. Hector can stealth kill a Long Coat and Isabelle can take control of a Long Coat that is injured with her Mind Control ability. Follow Me DarlingMake guards follow Kate for 1,000 meters total.Kate has the ability Mind Control to lure guards (male guards – not Ponchos, Long Coats, or Gunwomen) when she has the disguise in use. Go ahead and clean up the area and you should be good. Lindberg and HutchDecide the outcome of a duel.During Mission 1, you will need to get onto a roof to pass the large number of guards. Baron’s Challenges are:1. The game was released … - Mission 16: If you look at the map you'll be able to see how the canyon splits the map, wraps around the chapel at the very north and heads west. Is that expected behavior for this challenge?

I'm saying this because I was stuck in a mission and I was killing the same Long Coat over and over as I reloaded the same file and I suddenly got it. when the canyon curves east you can see it right away.

Damn Good MarksmanSnipe 50 guards with McCoy.Use McCoy’s snipe gun to kill 50 guards. Then more to the next section where you get spotted, open fire again and repeat this process by going into all sections of the map. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You can play the game on any of the 4 difficulties (Beginner, Normal, Hard, or Desperado).

Desperados 3 is a stealth tactics game featuring a memorable cast of Wild West characters.It’s also an oddly titled prequel to a series that started in 2001. Cooper will be injured during this mission and it will affect his playability during the next mission until he is healed. No other violence is allowed. Go into the party area of the courtyard where DeVitt is. Gamezeen is a Zeen theme demo site. There are Challenges for killing specific enemies in a Mission, speedruns, not using certain weapons or skills, specific difficulty played, requests, tasks, etc. Five Good ShotsDefeat Frank.During Mission 16, at the very end of the mission, you will need to kill all the enemies outside the main circle of guards surrounding Cooper.

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A roadmap is provided in the stages below.Follow us on twitter for the latest news and giveaways. This is a great way to lure guards away from a location and have another character assassinate them. How to obtain: In the very first mission, How to obtain: This one can be done by using the environment. VendettaKill DeVitt.The easiest way to earn this trophy is during Mission 15. Mission 16: On a ledge near the end of the valley after the cannon. Someone Call the UndertakerKill 1,000 guards.You will need to kill 1000 guards (enemies). How you do get badges and trophies that require several simultaneous kills? – Hide all bodies in bushes, wells, houses, etc.

– Contact!

For the total completionists out there, you will likely want to complete the special The Baron’s Challenges the game gives you. DoubletimeKill 200 guards using Cooper’s double shot.Cooper has the ability to kill guards with his two guns at the same time.

The Quarry building is not locked so that any of the characters can access this building, but the Shooting Range building has a locked door.

Throw the money on the floor in the room where you found McCoy inside the bank. See the picture below. Like ClockworkExecute a plan with all five characters.During Mission 9, after freeing all the captured characters, you will have control of all 5 of them. You will need to knock them out and carry them to the Dentist across the town. With the above being said, right at the start what I did was to have Hector go north to the bushes and kill the 3 enemies talking up here while Cooper went ahead and killed the 2 near him working on the tracks.

After killing all of these exterior enemies within the walled area, you will need to strategically position all the 4 playable characters so that they will kill all the ring of enemies in one synchronized kill without making any of these enemies aware of their presence. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Like I said, it's practically impossible to write down a 100% accurate strat in this mission with the amount of variables you have. This page is dedicated to all the trophies in the game. Guides ... Moderated by: stardog573 stardog573. Use McCoy’s ability to unlock the cage locks and interact with the prisoners. Ideally you would be able to pull her out again but it's really not economical to implement such a feature just for this.

However, if a guard notices these footprints they will investigate them if they are in their solid green viewcone and if the footprints last long enough, even in their dashed green viewcones. In a game where I attracted 5 enemies after shooting once, you may attract 2 or 3. We cover gaming news, movie reviews, wrestling and much more. There are other locations in the game where this is possible, especially if you set off the alarms so that lots of enemies come to a particular area to investigate.

He is wearing a suit and is not carrying a visible weapon. Take both McCoy and Cooper down to the picnic area and have McCoy toss his Medical Bag onto the picnic blanket. Hector and other characters do not need to survive to earn this trophy when you attempt it. Next, you will need to shoot the dynamite.

– For A Few Bullets More All of this means that you’re getting plenty of bang for your buck if you do end up buying Desperados 3.

It is recommended to play on Beginner or Normal so that you become familiar with each Mission Map and their objectives.

– Speedrun: Complete the mission in under 22:00 minutes, – Use the cattle to block the train tracks, – Don’t kill anyone (except mission targets), – Finish the mission without dropping Isabelle, – Finish the mission without crossing the train tracks, – Don’t use both distractions (only electric light or fireworks), – Don’t use any of Kate’s or Cooper’s skills, – Reach the chapel via the right entrance.

Gunslinger’s CreedJump from a tower into a cart of hay.In Mission 14, there is a tower that has a guard on top of it. D9, D10 – Mission 6. The last 8 rats are only available after finishing finding the letters. - Mission 2: Right after you rescue McCoy, go read the tutorial about his sniper and stand on the log you used to cross. D26, D27 – Mission 14.

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