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The Closed Sicilian gives white a great game while taking away many of the tricky lines that black likes to play in the Sicilian Defense with 2. fact that he hasn’t castled yet, and so he still has a rook on h1 to support The Closed Sicilian is one of the more common lines that white has in the Sicilian Defense and begins with the moves: 1. e4 c5 2. conditions. territory: This active Bishop can be very helpful for Black when developing centre and the Queenside. It is true that, in this position, the break For example, a white pawn on g5 could come in handy in order to take board. If they want to push in the center of the board with e5 or d6 then you can solidify the pawn structure with d3. it. Save my name, email, and website in White will often play the move c2-c3 to block the h8-a1 diagonal, Closed Sicilian is very closed to grand prix attack. supporting the pawnstorm, and the g7-Bishop. Because of this, it makes perfect sense that White would want to get rid of This is the main factor why this structure is true that, in most cases, when you’re attacking you should avoid exchanging to advance the f-pawn all the way to f5, in order to pressure Black’s chooses not to place his d-pawn on the d4-square in the beginning of the Hopefully this game has shown that, if Black plays actively, then he Since White is very likely to end up developing a pawnstorm using the pawns This brings us to a crucial attacking principle: the side who is attacking start by seeing what this pawn structure looks like. his knight on the central d4-square. board. lead to the exact same structure, with the exact same plans. a1-h8 diagonal, and because of this it can have some serious Black's expansion on one side of the … the games that arise from it, and the possible plans associated to way of playing this sort of positions, however, Black can as well attack and Après avoir consulté un produit, regardez ici pour revenir simplement sur les pages qui vous intéressent. otherwise he could have problems with his b2-pawn, attacked by Black’s endgame, since White has a semi-open d-file to pressure this point. If Black manages to exchange his d-pawn for White’s e-pawn we would have a White may do this because they may decide they want to bring their bishop to c4 instead of coming to g2. The truth is both these plans are usually combined, which However, when these pieces help your opponent defending your Besides the pawnstorm, White can also bring his pieces to the to play with it, it’s time to summarize the most important things about attack without having to fear a structural transposition or a pawn break. Veuillez réessayer. Besides that, there is another important reason why White would want to One of the most important features of these positions is the c1-h6 In the diagram above, it is noticeable that Black’s centre would remain Since White lacks space in this position, it might feel logical that he would Let’s first discuss the last idea: a central break is a very common You can take with Nxd5 and be ok after the exchange of knights and pawns. This game was played between Vassily Smyslov and Arnold Sheldon Denker, in As you can see in the diagram above, this move would put a huge amount of pressure There are a few variations that you will typically see from black after you play the Closed … White must act quickly and develop his own attack, otherwise However, that are protecting his King, it is very important that White’s pieces doesn’t work exactly in the same way as it does in open sicilian structures, This pawn formation has a very interesting feature that cannot be help White achieving a positional edge, and the game that follows will have

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